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My Story

My name is David Aiello and I am USMC Veteran born in Boston, MA. I have been creating custom products for over 20 years for loved ones and have decided to share my work with others. I spend most of my time creating custom pieces from leather, handmade jewelry, apparel, signs & graphics, and paracord. DA Kustoms stands out from other brands because we focus on quality and use the best materials to create one of a kind products based on specific wants and needs from customers. I have been working with leather for 20+ years. Aiello's Leather is my brand. Here at DA Kustoms we have the ability to take ideas and turn them into physical creations that can be treasured forever. Not only does DA Kustoms focus on providing customers with quality products, we also donate to several fundraisers for children and veterans. 

Meet the team 


David Aiello - Owner/Creator 

Owner of Aiello's Leather which is a subset of DA Kustom's.

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Tina Fournier - Woodburner and Jewelry

Hi my name is Tina. I create one of kind jewelry pieces. I also am a woodburner. i can customize and personalized almost anything. i do have several stock items for sale. please contact me by email for anything you would interested in. Thank You. 

Custom Orders 

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