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Firefighters/EMS radio strap and holster (fixed style)

Firefighters/EMS radio strap and holster (fixed style)

Radio strap and holster (fixed strap no buckle)

See photo on sizing your fixed radio strap

We focus on one order at a time ensuring the upmost quality and attention to detail. Your order is hand-crafted and worked on using traditional tools and methods.

4-6weeks lead time .

This Firefighter Radio Strap isn’t your standard strap. The “Fitted Version” is uniquely designed to fit you using one continuous piece of leather. The “Adjustable Version” is uniquely designed to sit lower and closer to your hip.

Unlike other companies, we include a black radio holster in the price ( Natural holster if you order the natural leather color).

This piece is hand-crafted using whole grain English Bridle and Natural Veg Tan leather from Hermann Oak. Two pieces are sewn together, only exposing the beautiful grain on both sides of the strap.

The width of the main strap is 1 - 1/2 inches and the thickness measures approximately 1/4 of an inch, making this already strong and tough leather, even more robust. This work of art provides functionality and longevity for many generations to come.

You’ll be able to select your Leather Color, Hardware Color, Stitch Color, Connector type, Custom Stamping and or engraving other custom options .

Radio strap :

To properly measure your radio strap, you want to be wearing what you normally wear under your turnout gear.  Measure from your hip, across your opposing shoulder, back down to your hip.  Your "hip" placement should be wear you want to connect to your radio bucket.

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