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Leather minimalist wallet

Leather minimalist wallet

Hand made leather minimalist wallet.

Wicket & Craig leather ( tanned in USA , quality leather and best of the best)

Hand made hand stitched with ritza tiger thread.

has 3 pockets and is perfect for the minimalist that only wants to carry around a few cards and maybe a couple bills. This little wallet is so low profile that you might forget its in your pocket.

Each wallet is hand cut, glued, stitched, and edge burnished for the high shiny gloss finish. Made with attention to detail to each punch, cut, and stitch.

Holds around 6-7 cards comfortably with with room for folded bills

Leather used:

Wickett & Craig bridle leather ( split to 3-4 oz.)

The deep rich colors only get more sophisticated over time.

Ritza tiger Thread

Rough Dimensions (each wallet will vary slightly because everything cut is done by hand)

  • Warranty

    Warranty is for life in wallet for craftsmanship and thread .

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